Denon AH-MM400 Review

Retro Denon

Denon AH-MM400 Review

With earcups in walnut wood Denon's AH-MM400 is one of the most opulent looking headphones on the market. But despite this they are not very expensive.

When Denon introduced its new generation of headphones a few years ago, a lot of people were disappointed. The distinctive earcups that used to be made of wood and using Fostex drivers were replaced with a more trendy design and plastic. Now, there was nothing wrong with the sound per se, but it seemed they were mainly aimed at bass lovers.

It is likely that Denon wants to return to the former glory of their previous headphones, at least to an extent, and in terms of styling and design the AH-MM400 is very retro, yet still quite modern.

Denon AH-MM400 price
Denon AH-MM400 Music Maniac

Going Nuts

One of the highlights of the AH-MM400 is obviously the earcups in walnut wood, but the leather earpads and headband are worth some praise as well. The metal hinges add even more class and are also very sturdy. The AH-MM400 looks like a fairly small set of headphones when you look at the pictures, but they are in fact a proper over-ear model. They do however not cover the ears as well as some higher-end headphones, like the Sennheiser HD 650 for example.

Nevertheless, the AH-MM400 covers the ears tightly, and provide a very good attenuation of exterior noise. The comfort is good, with a slight tendency to get a bit warm and sweaty when it's hot outside. This is probably due to the light pressure over the ears in combination with the leather imitation earpads. But you can wear the AH-MM400 for hours without feeling any discomfort.

Denon AH-MM400 walnut
Denon AH-MM400 Audio App

Balm For The Ears

The AH-MM400 also has a very pleasant sound, with a slight emphasis on the upper bass frequencies and a clean reproduction of the midrange frequencies. The high frequencies are well presented but slightly withdrawn. The sense of resolution can therefore sometimes feel like it´s lacking the finest details - something that may bother some listeners. 

We tested the AH-MM400 with a wide range of music, and it´s worth noting that the Denon sounds good with almost any music genre. A metal song like ‘Slaughter of the Soul‘ by At The Gates sounds dynamic and rhythmic, while Portishead’s ‘Roads‘ shows that these headphones do not hold back on strong vocals with a strong live feel. Overall, Denon has created a sound with natural warmth which is very pleasant to listen to and the risk of listening fatigue is slim to none.


The combination of the smooth, warm tone and the fine workmanship makes Denon's AH-MM400 an item of pure luxury, which fortunately won´t cost you an arm or a leg. So what if it doesn´t offer the best insulation or the most details - there are few portable headphones that provide such an enjoyable listening experience.


DENON AH-MM400 MUSIC MANIAC Over ear Headphones from Japan
  • Current Price: $337.80
  • Ends: Dec 27, 2017 5:46:56 CET
Denon AH-MM400 Music Maniac Over-Ear Headphones
  • Current Price: $236.00
  • Ends: Dec 28, 2017 17:15:17 CET
  • IN ThE bOX

Driver Size
Active NC
Smart Phone Control
Denon App
Leather Headband
Hanger Construction
Ear Cup
Folding Mechanism
Detachable Cable

40mm "Free Edge"
3 Button Cable Remote
Denon Audio
Precision Aluminium
American Walnut
Fold In
Carry Case

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