Sports Headphones Group Test: Beats Powerbeats Review

Exclusive Bass Headphones

Beats Powerbeats look exclusive and well built, but there are details that deter the impression. The remote feels surprisingly plasticky cheap and it cracks alarmingly in the headphones when you pry on them. But as long as you do not step on them they should be alright. You get a nice case for storage and an extension cord for times other than training. But stingy enough, you just get two extra pairs of silicone plugs in different sizes. You can get the PowerBeats in completely black or white, or red with black accents.

It takes a little work to put the headphones on properly but once you adjusted the quite hard arc, they fit well and stays in place. However, the earbuds tend to move and requires adjustments during exercise. They sit very shallow in the ear canal which means that you can hear noise and traffic around you. But it also means that you won´t get an equally heavy bass as you´d get from other Beats headphones. It is good enough in context, and for being training headphones, we really like the sound.


A very sturdy construction means that the headphones remain where they should. But because the ear buds sit so shallow they can move, leading to the need to adjust them too often for our liking. The carrying case is lavish and we like that you get an extra extension cord. But the remote feels plasticky, unfortunately. Sound is driven and bass-heavy, though not as significantly as the other Beats models. PowerBeats are not exactly discreet, but if you like to be seen, this is the obvious choice. However, you´ll need to pay for the pleasure.

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