Sports Headphones Group Test: Jabra Sport+ Review

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Jabra Sport+ review

Jabra has, as always, skipped the wires and run Bluetooth instead which is always nice. Even so, the headphones are pretty neat but this gives a moderate battery life of about 4 hours. In the box we find a bracelet where you can put your mobile phone and a trial subscription to the training service Endomondo. Additionally, Jabra breaks a new record in terms of extra ear plugs, you get no less than seven pairs with different sizes. Some sitting more comfortable, some provide soundproofing and some sitting extra securely in place.

Despite this, it was difficult to get them to sit quite right, depending on the ear piece not being adjustable in any way. It also made it difficult to get a proper bass response. If you manually press them into the ear canal you can hear it, but as soon as you let go it loses any semblance of depth to the music. And because it is so important when training we quickly lost our motivation. However, we were delighted with features like FM radio and a surprisingly good quality on phone calls.


It is convenient to avoid cables and Jabra has also spiced the headphones with nice features, including FM radio. Moreover, they are the most durable in the test. The amount of ear plugs in different sizes and designs for different occasions should provide great comfort and fit. But unfortunately the ear piece is not adjustable, which makes it hard to get them to sit right. It not only makes the comfort suffer, but also the bass response. Therefore, you´re never really motivated during the workout, which is a big minus in the protocol.

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