Sports Headphones Group Test: Sony MDR-AS400EX Review

Weak Workout Buddy

Sony MDR-AS400EX review

The Sony’s has an interesting design where the cord goes in the hoop behind the ear. In the package you will find a simple mesh bag for storage, a cable clip for clothes as well as three extra pairs of silicon ear plugs in varying sizes. Although the headphone is made of plastic it feels reassuringly stable. The cord is however very thin and flimsy which makes it questionable how long it lasts. We also lack a volume control. The ear phones are available in a variety of different colors.

By pulling the cord you can adjust the length of the bow so that it sits perfectly on the ear. And because the headphones are so light, they really sit in place. However, they never felt really comfortable, but this may be something that varies from person to person. The sound is also not satisfactory. The bass is not particularly deep making most of the music feel less engaging and thus impacting the excitement of the training. Moreover, the treble is hard and sharp and are therefore less suited for relaxed listening.


Sony MDR-AS400EX are suitable for sport as they are water proof and the smart ear pieces allow them to sit firmly when placed around the ear. But it's not the most comfortable headphones in the test which is a disadvantage for longer workouts. The headphones are sturdy enough for tough handling, but the flimsy cord is probably a weak point. You won´t get any special accessories besides ear plugs in different sizes and a volume control on the cord would have been desirable. But above all, the sound is not sufficiently engaging for training purposes.


Sony Sports Headphones Adjustable Ear Loop
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