AKG K167 Tiesto Review

Not Just For DJs

AKG K167 Tiesto review

There are not many who have the same wide selection of headphones as AKG. They do not just have one signature model in the DJ series, but three. This is the middle model, a simpler version of the K267 Tiësto costing twice as much.

AKG K167 Tiesto DJ headphones

K167 is built the same way, though with slightly smaller drivers and without the top models bass adjustment. You also don´t get any detachable cable, but instead a short spiral cord.

But just like the more expensive model – and the smaller K67, which costs ~$70 – K167 is designed for DJ use and is fine-tuned by DJ Tiësto. He´s so famous that he is making $250.000 per gig and is one of the disc jockeys often playing at one of the world’s biggest clubs, Hakkasan in Las Vegas.

The similarities with the most expensive model are still numerous. The closed cups are large and sits nicely around the ears and decently dampens noise. The comfort is really good and the headphones can both be flattened and folded. The quality is reassuring, but the K167 is more plastic and has a simpler headband than the K267.

​Although it has smaller drivers and lack the bigger models bass adjustment, the sound image is almost identical. The K167 has a well-balanced, open and nicely focused sound that is better than in most so-called celebrity headphones we´ve tested. Bass is controlled and well-defined, but hasn´t quite got the same depth and richness as the most expensive DJ Tiësto-headphones. They also lack a bit of the top model's sophistication and detail, although the difference is not as big as you would think given the price difference.

​The AKG K167 Tiësto can be used with classical as well as jazz music, or in the studio to mix music, for DJ jobs - or just as an all-round headphone.

AKG Pro Audio K167 TIESTO DJ Headphones
List Price: $49.82
Price: $49.82
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AKG Pro Audio K167 TIESTO DJ Headphones
  • Current Price: CAD $94.69
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AKG Pro Audio K167 TIESTO DJ Headphones
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AKG Pro Audio K167 TIESTO DJ Headphones
  • Current Price: CAD $113.00
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Over-ear, closed-back design
for high noise attenuation and maximum wearing comfort

Powerful 40 mm driver with low resonance
for high sound pressure even at very low bass frequencies

XRP³ glass-fiber reinforced polymer parts
offer maximum durability at a low weight

3D-Axis professional folding mechanism
for flat storage and easy transportation

Roadworthy design
ensures reliable operation for many years

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Old Price: $49.82
Current Price: $49.82