Klipsch Status Review

Heavy Headphones With A Heavy Sound

Klipsch Status review

When a speaker manufacturer decides to make headphones, it can go really bad. When the U.S. speaker legend Klipsch released their first headphones they got a lukewarm reception. They managed to get decent reviews, but far less praise than what most of their speakers usually get.

Klipsch Status color options

But Klipsch will get another chance with their great Status headphones. A pair of massive (11.5 ounces), closed headphones that cost ~$250 and run into stiff competition from PSB (another speaker manufacturer), NAD and Sennheiser.

​Status is definitely the biggest of them, but also the most well-built. Klipsch call it Grilamid, the plastic material used to encapsulate the 40-mm titanium coated drivers in the closed covers. They feel really solid compared to plastic we encountered with other headphones, and the headband in alloy is also encapsulated by the same material. The design is black or white. The ear cups are sold with detachable cables, one of them has a Remote and Mic for mobile phones.

Klipsch Status mobile phone controls

​The large ear cups sits very well on the head, the pads cover your ears and the noise attenuation is very good, especially for a pair of headphones that do not have electronics with active noise cancellation. The relatively high weight can, however, be a strain, because after a while you'll notice that they weigh a lot.

​But the Status headphones are difficult to put down because the sound quality is very high. Especially with pop, rock, hip hop and music with a distinct rhythmic drive. They have a nice kick in the bass, but without sounding too pushy. Instead, the bass is crisp and precise, while the midrange is airy and well-focused. There is not much to complain about in the treble either, no coarse details or aggressive noise.

​It was even nice to listen to classical music on the Status headphones, although I felt that strings and pianos were a tad too dark in timbre to give them a 5-star rating. Despite this, the definition, tonal balance and the dynamic contrast is so good that the Klipsch headphones can definitely give its nearest competitors a serious match for the customers.


​If you like the music to sound as if you´re at a concert, the Klipsch Status is absolutely worth a listen. They have a very attractive price, sound really good and is solidly built.


Built from the same durable material (Grilamid®) used in high-end eyewear, they exude both fashion and luxury. Grilamid® frame provides nearly indestructible construction while the gloss finish with subtle reflective highlights results in a piece that looks as great as it sounds.
Form optimized for superior comfort and stability. Perfected architecture and ear cup rotation for maximum ergonomic fit and enhanced seal around the ear.
Full range 40mm dynamic drivers deliver full range sound with deep bass & NO DISTORTION.
MEMORY FOAM EAR CUPS Allow for comfortable, long-term wear and superior noise-isolation.
2 detachable cloth cables like those used in premium hi-fi systems, fit any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack and provide flexibility and functionality.
Offers full control of iPhone, iPod touch and iPod models, while allowing for seamless control of music and phone calls.

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