RHA MA750 Review

The Ear Buds You Would Rather Have

RHA MA750 review

Scottish RHA has a cheaper alternative to the more upscale ear buds on the market. MA750 comes in two versions, one with and one without a remote control and microphone for iPhone mobiles. But RHA earphones differ from its competitors in several areas. Build quality is impeccable, with elegantly designed earpieces made ​​of steel and a variety of silicone and foam ear plugs in different sizes.

RHA also has hand-built drivers in steel shells that RHA states are the best they have. The drivers are only found in MA750 (and MA750i for iPhone) and is made ​​to be as linear, neutral and distortion-free as possible. In other words, they do not flirt with those who like a little extra bass.

You get more of a feeling that RHA has built a couple of stylish and sturdy earbuds that will play as cleanly and honestly as possible, where the design and the quality is more stylish and functional than youthful and sporty.

RHA MA750i

​The ear buds are not hard to adapt to your ears, thanks to the wide selection of silicone tips, and the thick cord can easily be folded behind the ear to provide better comfort and to get it out of the way. Which is good, but the thick wires are stiff as well, and not as easy to get out of the way as the flat counterparts from some other manufacturers.

​Once you have found a pair of silicone tips that fits nicely in the ears, you may want to give them some time. The handmade drivers in MA750 need some playing time before the sound is properly balanced. At first the treble is a bit forward, and the bass is so tight that it seems stunted. After just a few hours, not to mention days, the sound will become much better.

​So, it's worth the wait to correctly judge the sound quality. In this case, it is really good. Once you have picked the plugs that´s most comfortable, everything is ready for a deep dive into lots of detail. The soundstage is very open and airy, with extremely good balance and a dynamic contrast. In-ear headphones in this price range rarely sound this good, and the sound quality is challenging ear buds at a far higher price.

​Recordings of acoustic jazz and classical music works better with RHA, it sounds as good as rock and soul does in headphones with extra weight in the bass. You are presented with a large and spacious sound stage with little coloration, enabling instruments to retain their tones and voices sound natural and credible.


​For this price the RHA MA750 is a bargain, and a recommendation given to all those who love music and want better headphones than those that normally come with the mobile phone.


RHA MA750 Aerophonic Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones
  • Current Price: CAD $129.99
  • Ends: Mar 8, 2018 17:09:57 CET
  • IN ThE bOX
560.1 DriverHandmade driver (model 560.1) for precise, balanced and articulate sound reproduction with a great depth of soundstage.
Noise Isolating DesignNoise isolating design.
Stainless Steel icon303F grade stainless steel construction.
Tips iconSelection of dual density silicone, double flange silicone and memory foam ear tips.
Gold Plated Connection iconSteel reinforced, oxygen-free cable with gold plated connection.
Ear Hook iconContoured over-ear cable supports.
Hard Case iconPremium carry case and stainless steel ear tip holder.
3 Year WarrantyThree year warranty.

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