RHA T10i Review

Quality Headphones That Allows You To Alter Your Audio Experience

RHA T10i Review

How fit and sound will be felt and heard is highly individual. RHA has catered for the two factors with the luxurious in-ear hook headphone, the T10i.

This is not your ordinary plasticky mobile hands-free headphone. This is the first impression we get when we open the box with the T10i. With connector plug, remote and ear-pieces made of metal, these headphones has both a sturdy weight and a consistently high quality feel.

Abundance Of Ear Plugs

RHA T10i ear plugs

T10i is designed to be worn over the ear. You have to shape the cord as a hook or loop and hang it on your ear before you insert the earplug. This allows the headphone to remain in place, but getting it there takes a bit longer than with ordinary in-ear plugs and can be a bit fiddly at first. The last few inches of the cord is fortunately malleable so that you can fold it into a loop that fits around your ear.

While we're mentioning the fit, we must also mention the extensive range of ear plugs. In a cut-out metal frame there´s no less than nine pairs of plugs in different designs. The most common "dome" model comes in three sizes and two sets, and in addition there are double flange earplugs and a foam model in two sizes each.

Change The Acoustics At Will

What is perhaps the most distinguishing feature on RHA T10i are the replaceable acoustic filters supplied, although the idea is familiar from a few other headphone manufacturers. The outermost part of the ear-piece, where you attach the ear plug, is detachable. By screwing in another of the three filters you can alter the sound experience in T10i.

RHA T10i tuning filters

We tested back and forth with different types of music and concluded that the all-round listener probably get the best experience with the neutral filter. The Treble filter gives in comparison with the Neutral filter a clearer and slightly edgier sound, and is the filter that demands the most out of your music and playback source. We do not like the Bass filter because it allows the bass to take over too much. If you have a good fit on the plug in your ear, you also get an adequate and balanced bass with the Neutral filter.

The sound quality in the T10i is in short very good. We compared it with a number of in-ear headphones in the same price range and more often than not there was a huge difference. The sound is clearer, bigger, richer and more "right", and some of the more expensive ($250+) headphones actually sounded compressed and distorted in comparison to the T10i.


If you want a couple of really good in-ear headphones that aren´t super expensive, try the RHA T10i. The weight, price and fit may not suit everyone, but if you care about sound quality (and quality materials) and at the same time want to listen to music (or whatever) on the go, these headphones are pretty close to perfect. Personally, I did not send the ones I tested back, I bought them...


  • Features
  • Specifications
  • in the box
icon Handmade, high fidelity dynamic driver (770.1 model) engineered to accurately reproduce all genres of music with high levels of clarity, detail and imaging.
icon Noise isolating design.
icon Metal injection moulded, stainless steel construction.
icon Interchangeable tuning filters with holder.
Remote and Microphone 3-button remote and microphone for use with compatible Apple devices.
Selection of Tips Selection of dual density silicone, double flange silicone and memory foam ear tips.
icon Multicore, reinforced, oxygen-free copper cable with gold plated connection.
Ear Hook Patent pending, mouldable over-ear hooks.
Hard Case Premium carry case and stainless steel ear tip holder.
3 Year Warranty Three year warranty.

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