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Navigator En Route

If they ever become as famous as Ray-Ban aviator shades is questionable, but the Navigator headphones from Skullcandy looks just like a pair of aviator glasses when folding them together. A design touch that is no coincidence.

Skullcandys larger and more expensive Aviator model has received its drop shape from ear cups just for pilots, and as pilot glasses and anything that reminds you how cool it is with aircrafts never seem to go out of fashion, it's never wrong to "borrow" designs and concepts from the aviation world. Just look at all the parajumper jackets that are everywhere.

This fits the Skullcandy Navigator perfectly. The small headphones are cheap, available in many different colors, are made for portable use and weighs only 200 grams and can be folded. A short detachable, flat cable with remote and mic for your smart phone is included.

Skullcandy Navigator color options

The ear cups are of the type that rests against your ear and you should be a little careful with how they sit to properly balance the sound image. It sounds rich and pleasant, thanks to a relatively (for the small cups) potent bass. Not the kind that gets the ear wax to rattle, but there is still plenty of weight. Enough for drums to sit nicely in the mix. Although Navigator can't play violently loud, especially not if they have to drown out external noise, they sound really well-balanced even at high volume.


A full-bodied sound with great bass definition is the Navigators greatest strength, while the closed in midrange and the lack of dynamics are its weaknesses. Detail-fans can forget the Navigator, the same applies to those who enjoy an open soundstage with a voice reproduction that emphasize the singing and get voices to appear centered. Even though the sound never becomes mushy it is too indistinct to obtain enough tonal shades. The Aviator model has dropped in price since the launch and is now marginally more expensive than the Navigator, and we think that they are absolutely worth the extra cash. Aviator is way better.

Skullcandy Navigator On-ear Headphone with Mic3, Black
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Skullcandy Navigator Headphones w/ Mic3 - White
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Skullcandy Navigator Supreme Sound tashable On-Ear Headphones
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