SMS Audio SYNC By 50 Review

Headphones For Conscious Club Members

SMS Audio SYNC by 50 review

SMS Audio Sync by 50 On-Ear Wireless is the complete and very long name of a new pair of wireless headphones that carry the rapper 50 Cent's signature. The look is elegantly subdued. The seam on the headband padding is in 50 Cent's signature blue color, the rest is in jet black high gloss. The headband can be folded for transport. It includes a nice, semi-hard carrying case.

As the name suggests, the headphones are of on-ear type, where the comfortable and soft ear cushions resting outside the ear without enclosing it. This makes the headphones both lighter and smaller than the bigger wireless SMS Sync by 50 over-ear model. They´re actually quite pleasant to wear. As long as you do not wear glasses that is, as they squeeze quite hard.

The right ear cup holds buttons for remote control of volume, changing songs and pause/play. There is also a mini jack connector so that the headphones can be used with a cable. On the left cup is a micro USB port for charging.

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Lots Of - And Very Good - Bass

SMS Audio SYNC by 50 folded

The SYNC headphones gives what you’d expect from 50 Cent: there is oodles of fat weighty sound. And the sound is exact all the way down – even when the music is complex. Subsonic tonal shifting stands out clearly. And the complex interplay between drums, bass guitar and bass synths is handled nicely.

The bass is impressive, but it would be wrong to call the sound well balanced. The midrange is significantly gentle while the treble is trying to equalize this, but never really reaches the energy and control of the bass. The sound is equivalent to what you might hear at the club. One can play loud - and especially deep - without risking hearing damage in the sensitive midrange. When this said, the sound is consistently pleasant, without any hint of sharp edges.

It includes a - bright 50 Cent blue of course - cable so you can use the headphones even if the power runs out. There is also a microphone on the cord.


The SMS Audio SYNC By 50 headphones are not for everyone, but rather for those that like the 50 Cent sound ideal. You get the rhythms served directly into the ear canal, with full speed and good nuancing, while the other registers keeps in the background. If you are looking for a wireless street-headphone for heavy beats the price is reasonable. But this is hardly the type of headphones 50 Cent uses himself when he is recording his newest album. The midrange and treble is just not good enough.



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