Sports Headphones Group Test: Philips SHQ3217 ActionFit Review

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Philips SHQ3217 ActionFit review

The ear pieces have a simple but well-functioning construction with a soft adjustable bow. Material choices may not directly feel upscale but very functional with tight-fitting plastic and rubber. These are headphones that you trust will cope with both sweat and rain. The only drawback is that the cord tends to tangle. In addition to a simple mesh bag you get ear plugs made ​​of silicone in two additional sizes. The cord also has a microphone and iPhone-compatible control buttons.

Thanks to the extremely flexible ear piece and adjustment possibilities, it's easy to get the headphones in place. The bow is still stiff enough in the right way for them sit securely in place. The earphone goes pretty far into the ear which isolates noise from the environment. It can be a disadvantage in traffic but provide reinforcement to the bass. And the bass is really powerful which is just right for this type of headphone. It's really motivating to match the training with the music's pulse.


The Philips SHQ3217 ActionFit are comfortable headphones who still sits well in place thanks to the flexible and adjustable ear piece. One need not worry about exposing them to sweat or rain and for calling there is a microphone with control buttons on the cord. The sound is not subtle, but for training it is exactly the kind of booming bass that drives your legs. Philips has found a great balance of features, performance, sound and price. If you don´t want to do any major investment in training headphones, these hit the mark.



Connect to music and calls
• Switch from music to phone calls with iPhone mic & remote

Designed for a secure and comfortable fit
• Patented adjustable ear hook for a secure fit
• 3 choices of ear cap sizes for optimal fit
• Ultrasoft silicon caps sit comfortably in your ears

Designed for high performance
• Cable clip and protective pouch for easy use and storage
• Kevlar-reinforced cable for ultimate durability
• Reflective stopper in the cable
• Sweat resistant and rain proof – ideal for any workout
• 8gm headphones for superb fit and ultra lightweight comfort

Excellent sound with added bass boost
• Excellent sound generated by 9mm drivers
• Powerful bass to boost motivation

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