Sports Headphones Group Test: Sennheiser OCX 685i Sports Review

Balanced And Comfortable

Sennheiser OCX 685i Sports review

The ear pieces feels reliably constructed and due to the strain relief devices they won´t brake in a hurry. The cord is rubbery giving some risk to tangle. On the cord is also an Apple-compatible remote control, volume control and microphone for phone calls. The accessories consist of a simple cloth bag, a cable clip, two extra pairs of silicone plugs in different sizes, and a tool to clean them with. The earphones are available in black and blue or pure white.

The bow behind the ear is very soft which makes them comfortable and barely felt on the ears. But on the other hand they don´t really help to keep the earpiece in place. So if you have not found a perfect size to make the headphones stay in place, they risk poppin' out halfway through the workout. The sound is dynamic and balanced which make them work well even outside the gym. The bass is actually deep and controlled, which means that even the workout gets an extra boost.


The soft ear piece is certainly comfortable but do not provide enough support. It is therefore some risk that the silicon plugs pop out during training if you have not found any that fit perfectly. However, it is very handy with the remote control on the cord and that you get tools for cleaning. The ear pieces feels reliable and can withstand both wet and tough conditions. You get enough bass for it to be fun to work out with. Unusually, the sound of the Sennheiser OCX 685i Sports is also good enough for more relaxed listening at home.

Sennheiser OCX 685i Adidas Sports In-Ear Headphones - Black
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Sennheiser Adidas OCX 685i Sports In Ear Headphones
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Sennheiser OCX 685i Adidas Sports In-Ear Headphones - White
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