Denon AVR-X2000 Review

Cheap But Very Potent Denon

Denon AVR-X2000 review

This Denon receiver, just like the other music streaming via DLNA, AirPlay and internet radio, can be controlled from an Android or Apple mobile device.

AVR-X2000 has a very neat back and is therefore the very convenient when it comes to connectivity. This is partly because it is a little minimalistic in terms of inputs and outputs (apart from HDMI connections, plenty of those) and partly because the text is large and easy to read.

​Auto calibration is performed by Audyssey MultEQ XT, which is fairly advanced and can correct the sound of up to eight positions, and we recommend that you measure the sound of at least six positions. Place the microphone on a stand on the couch and get started.

Denon AVR-X2000 front

Sound Quality​

​After you have calibrated the receiver you must turn off the Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume, as we found this to muddle the sound. Initially we reacted to the overly pompous low frequency and a midrange that was too thin, making dialogue and speech sound skinny. The dynamic contrast was flat. The Dynamic-features can be an advantage when watching movies at low volume at night, but not otherwise.

​Turn them off and it will be a different story. The midrange is strengthened, the subwoofer becomes more withdrawn and blends better with the overall sound. And the dynamics will be much better!

Denon AVR-X2000 connections

The sound character can best be described as natural and warm. Movies in surround has an incredibly cohesive sound, with articulate voices that never gets harsh. The soundstage is big and luscious. It is just lacking a bit of pace, causing the Denon AVR-X2000 to lose its breath a little, if it is to breathe life into big speakers in a large home theater. On the other hand, in a normal living room it sparks, while preserving resolution that is so important in anything but over-the-top “blockbuster” action movies.

​Music is reproduced with an open and nice sound of voices and instruments. All sounds natural and is neatly positioned relative to each other. The soundstage is not as rich in contrast as the Sony STR-DN1040, but we are very happy with what Denon manages to accomplish for so little money. We particularly like the resolution of the upper frequencies and overall the AVR-X2000 is not a bit worse than the Pioneer VSX-1123.


Denon AVR-X2000 Receiver
  • Current Price: $58.55
  • Ends: Jan 19, 2018 18:54:41 CET
  • IN ThE bOX
  • 7.1 channel, 95 watts, 7 channel power (8 ohms, 20Hz - 20 kHz, THD 0.08%
  • 185 watts per channel maximum power (6 ohm, 1kHz, THD 10%, 1 channel driven)
  • Networking with AirPlay, Pandora, & Spotify
  • Dolby Pro Logic IIz, 4K Ultra HD scaling and pass through
  • New setup assistant with enhanced GUI
  • Audyssey Silver Built-In for perfection in surround sound

  • 7 HDMI Inputs / 1 Output

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