Onkyo TX-NR828 Review

Cool, Musical Home Theater Machine

Onkyo TX-NR828 review

New since its predecessor is wireless networking and built-in bluetooth for simple music streaming from mobile devices. Otherwise the TX-NR828 reminds us much about the NR818.

These improvements means that Onkyo skimped in other areas. Speaker calibration is less sophisticated, ISF video calibration has been removed and while its predecessor did 9.2 surround sound using the optional power amplifier, the newer TX-NR828 can only do 7.1 processing. The predecessor had built-in digital crossover for bi-amping your speakers, which meant that it could drive speakers that were made for an external crossover. TX-NR828 does not have this feature.

​Other than that, the functionality is more or less the same, including 24 bit/192 kHz digital converters from Burr-Brown. InstaPrevue makes it easy to switch to the appropriate HDMI input using the thumbnail images on the screen, and THX Select2 certification ensures proper sound reproduction up to a 20-25 square-meter room (although we have mixed experiences of THX). TX-NR828 streams most music formats, including ALAC and FLAC. Spotify is built-in and controlled from the Onkyo app for Android or iOS. There are no special apps for tablets, but Onkyo is working on the matter and also planning a Windows Phone app.

​The iPhone app is simple to use but I miss being able to make playlists directly in the app when I stream music.

Onkyo TX-NR828 controls

Sound Quality​

Audyssey MultEQ is doing a good job from 6 calibration measurement sites in the room. In our new 7.1 home theater, it processes the surround sound seamless and immersive. ‘Iron Man 3‘ is a groovy sound experience because the receiver plays loud, even up to the THX reference level, without sounding distorted. True, but without the control and the power resources available on lower volumes. The scene where Tony Stark’s house is bombarded with missiles is deafening intense, but more powerful amps has better control and calm. The Onkyo AV receiver offers an extremely realistic movie experience, nonetheless. And the dialogue is big, open and clean.

Onkyo TX-NR828 is good at playing music too. Instruments are separated nicely, and the whole gamut is present and has distinct overtones. It serves both vocals and stringed instruments like guitar and piano. Classic Jazz like ‘Quiet Winter Night‘ by Jan Gunnar Hoff on blu-ray has air and precision, and fine control and tonality of the double bass.

Onkyo TX-NR828 inputs


​Onkyo TX-NR828 keeps track of the action scenes and renders the dialogue crisp, with great sound. The soundstage is big and seamless. It works very well in a 7.1 system but it is also possible to use the extra height channels in the front. Stereo sound and multi channel music have plenty of power in the bass and a neutral tonal balance. The harmonics are distinct, and what is lacking in the upper range, this unit makes up with purity in the midrange.

​Wireless network connectivity and built-in bluetooth simplifies music streaming. But to afford this, Onkyo have removed some features compared to its predecessor. The remote app for Android and iOS works fine, but we look forward to when the Onkyo is releasing a special app for tablets. A Windows Phone app is also in the works.


Onkyo TX-NR828(B)
  • Current Price: $275.00
  • Ends: Mar 24, 2018 22:23:17 CET
Onkyo TX-NR828 AV Receiver
  • Current Price: $350.00
  • Ends: Mar 25, 2018 22:48:58 CEST
# Channels7.2
Power Watts/ch130W (8ohms 20-20kHz, 0.08% THD, 2 Channels Driven, FTC)
Power (8ohms 20-20kHz 0.05%) /Ch-
THX CertifiedSelect2 Plus
Continuous 6ohms Rated
Certified 4ohms performance
All Discrete Circuitry
3-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry✓ (All Channels)
Independent Block Construction (Amp/Preprocessor)-
Toroidal Transformer-
Independent Power Supply
Bi-amp Capability For Front
DOLBY DecoderTrue HD, DD Plus, PLIIz
DTS DecoderDTS-HD Master Audio
Dolby PLIIz
ONKYO GAME Surround Modes
THX Processing Mode
Audyssey DSX
Audyssey Dynamic EQ
Audyssey Dynamic Volume
Direct/Pure ModeX / X
Music Optimizer✓ (Advanced)
192K/24 Bit DACs✓ (Burr-Brown)
isf Certified Calibration Control-
Audio I/O7 / 0
Phono Input
Digital Audio IN (OPT/COAX)2 / 3
Digital Audio OUT (OPT/COAX)-
Composite I/O5 / 1
Component Video I/O2 / 1
Front-Panel A/VL / R / V
Front-Panel Optical-
USB InputFront
HDMI I/O8 (7 +1) / 2
HDMI Support for 3D, Audio Return Channel and CEC
HDMI Support for Deep Color, x.v.Color, LipSync
HDMI Support for DVD-Audio, SACD, Multichannel PCM
PC Input (15 pin D-sub)-
Component Video Upconversion-
Analog To HDMI Upconversion✓ (from 480/576i)
1080p Upscaling✓ (Marvell Qdeo)
4K (up to 4096 x 2160) Upscaling✓ (Marvell Qdeo)
4K Passthrough
Multi-Channel Input-
Analog Pre-Outs7.2
Speaker A/+B-
Powered Zone2
Zone 2 Line Out
Zone 2 Video Out-
Zone 3 Line Out
iPod Ready✓ (via optional DS-A5)
Airplay Ready✓ (via optional DS-A5)
HD Radio-
Supports Onkyo Remote App✓ (iPod touch/iPhone and Android-Powered Devices)
Internet Radio Capable✓ (Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, Sirius/XM, Slacker, last.fm, Aupeo!, TuneIn)
Streaming Audio From PC / Network✓ (DLNA, Home Media)
Streaming Audio Formats Supported✓ (MP3, WMA, WMA Lossless, FLAC, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, AAC Stereo, Apple Lossless, DSD, LPCM, Dolby TrueH
Wireless Network✓ (Wi-Fi-Certified)
Bluetooth✓ (Built-in)
Integration Access
IR Input
ONKYO-RI System Control
12V Trigger✓ (Zone 2)
Pre-Pro/Learning Remote✓ / -
Back-Lit Remote-
On Screen Remote Programming
Bi-directional Remote Setup via GUI-
Activity Based Remote
Color-Coded Speaker Terminals
Auto Speaker Calibration W/Mic.✓ (Audyssey MultEQ)
OSD Out✓ (Advanced "Home" GUI)
Solid Aluminum Front
Warranty2 YEARS

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