Yamaha RX-V675 Review

Plenty of Power and Energy

Yamaha RX-V675 review

For playback of your digital music files, Yamaha has its own feature called Music Play. It is accessible from a remote control app for Android and iOS and has an interface not unlike Apple's AirPlay. In addition it has AirPlay, and the recent update incorporates Spotify Connect, so all your music streaming requirements should be catered for.

Six HDMI inputs are provided - one of them on the front to make it easy to connect a video camera, smart phone or tablet, etc. Scaling to Ultra-HD resolution is in place for future TVs that have this. The question is only if it is needed, really, because such high-end TV sets probably do a better job with their own internal scaling. It´s nice to have this feature though.

Yamaha RX-V675 front

Height Speakers​

​If you have room for it, we recommend an extra pair of height speakers in the front. Yamaha calls them "Virtual Presence Speaker", which raises the sound image vertically. Yamaha's audio processing is excellent and the added height speakers does, in my opinion, more to the sound than an extra pair of rear speakers. In addition, the 'Dialogue Lift' feature uses the presence channels to lift the dialog from the center speaker.

Easy Installation​

​The setup menu in the RX-V675 is straightforward and has simple graphics. The automatic calibration works like a charm. It depends on the speakers, but in many cases I would recommend the sound balance “Natural” to give you the best cohesion of the sound, though at the expense of a slightly emphazised midrange. With stereo music I preferred to use “Pure Direct” for the least amount of processing. It´s a matter of taste, but try it out!

Superb Remote App​

​The Remote app is brilliant, especially the one that is designed for the iPad. The larger screen area is used well, which provides room for better overview and direct access to features such as Dialogue Lift, Pure Direct and subwoofer level. The app makes the Yamaha one of the easiest receivers to set up and use!

Yamaha RX-V675 inputs

Sound Quality​

​Both music and movies in surround sound is reproduced with very good cohesion. The soundstage is big and there's plenty of power. The dialog is solid and rich, and explosions feel massive. I miss a little resolution in the upper register, which is not as weightless and suspended as I want it to be. It makes a slight breeze in the movie track feel less... well, breezy, and voices may not be quite as airy. But yes, this sounds great! And especially with height speakers in the front, the soundstage grows big and open. A decent speaker system will of course be necessary to get the very best out of the receiver, which has given me many fine movie experiences lately.

​Music in stereo sound powerful and energetic. Rock and pop have rhythm and drive, with punchy bass. Distorted guitars have a good bite and vocals are soft and pleasant when demanded. Again, the sound should have been even more resolved in the top, to really stretch out the sound and pick up the details behind the sound. Classical music, which is dependent on this, is actually a bit of a disappointment.

​I use AirPlay mostly, and it's very practical with streaming services like Spotify and Wimp. Just start the music on the iPhone or iPad and tap on the AirPlay icon, and the music starts playing. For this purpose, the Yamaha RX-V675 is very handy. Its rhythm and drive really comes into its own. And it sounds even better when it streams WAV and FLAC.


Yamaha RX RX-V675 7.2 Channel 240 Watt Receiver 
  • Current Price: $240.00
  • Ends: Feb 26, 2018 22:57:35 CET
Yamaha RX RX-V675 7.2 Channel 240 Watt Receiver
  • Current Price: $250.00
  • Ends: Feb 27, 2018 1:18:55 CET
  • IN ThE bOX
  • 7-channel powerful surround sound
  • 105 W per channel (8 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.9% THD, 2 ch driven)
  • 90 W per channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.09% THD, 2 ch driven)
  • HD Audio format decoding: Dolby ® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™
  • Dolby Digital Plus® and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio™
  • Full discrete amp configuration
  • Pure Direct for pure Hi-Fi sound quality enjoyment
  • Burr-Brown 192 kHz / 24-bit DACs for all channels
  • Low jitter PLL circuitry helps optimize sound imaging
  • Assignable amplifiers for front speaker bi-amp connection
  • Intelligent assignable amplifiers for Surround Back Front Presence or Zone 2
  • FLAC or WAV 192 kHz / 24-bit audio playback
  • *Stream your music wirelessly from any smartphone, tablet or computer via the YBA-11 wireless Bluetooth® adaptor.

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