Acer H7532BD Review

Surprisingly Good Projector From Acer

Acer H7532BD review

The menu is straightforward and has multiple settings. Saturation, brightness and balance can be adjusted on primary and secondary colors. Personally I do not like to acknowledge the settings with the right arrow button instead of an enter button in the middle, but that´s just habit.

Automatic keystone correction adjusts the image if the projector is angled obliquely to the screen. Though it is better to angle it correctly in the first place and avoid keystone as this will reduce the resolution.

​The "Eco" lamp mode and "Movie" color mode works best in a darkened room. Brightness and contrast should be adjusted because the image is fairly lifeless out of the box. In my room the "brightness" was set to 43 and "contrast" to 58.

​H7532BD has a pretty loud fan that happens to rotate in a audible frequency range.

Acer H7532BD inputs

Image Quality​

A high brightness in combination with dark blacks gives an image with good intensity. There is not much noise in the image and shadings are smooth. It can be seen especially well in the clouds of the sky that has more light shades than with almost all the other projectors we´ve tested. Beautiful galaxies in the documentary “Wonders of the Universe” emerges with a wealth of details. And there are no additional artificial artifacts, such as a the unnatural halo effect around the shining sun that you experience with the InFocus projector. Solid blue color could be better to make blue skies even bluer.

​The color reproduction is good, with neutral faces, nice color saturation and good sharpness.

​With the full strength of the lamp, the Acer has a lower brightness than the other test objects at max settings. In return the H7532BD keeps better track of the color saturation than both Vivitek, InFocus and Optoma.

  • IN ThE bOX
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • 50,000:1
  • 16:9 (Native), 4:3 (Compatible)
  • 1.51 ~ 1.83:1
  • 2500 Hour (Normal Mode); 4000 Hour (Economy Mode)
  • 2000 lm
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