Epson EH-TW5200 Review

Colorful Projector from Epson

Epson EH-TW5200 review

Each color can be adjusted individually with both the brightness, tone and saturation. The remote is good but lacks backlit buttons or any direct buttons for brightness and contrast.

Since LCD projectors do not have a color wheel with a white segment, but instead make white by mixing all the colors, the brightness in white is as high as when the brightness of each color are added together. It provides a higher color saturation than DLP projectors in the same price range. There´s however no guarantee when it comes to color balance.

Epson EH-TW5200 inputs

Image Quality​

​The color balance is at its best in the "cinema" mode. It has good 'punch' in the colors, but they are a bit exaggerated. Faces have neutral skin tones and a fresh glow. The sharpness of beard stubble is not quite in the same class as the very best, but certainly good enough for a projector at this price.

​White light is not the brightest compared to some other projectors we´ve tested, but in the colors the brightness is higher. Switch to maximum lamp mode and Epson suddenly becomes the second brightest - still at full color saturation. If I were to buy a projector for use in daylight, it would be this one.

Unfortunately, Epson have pretty dull blacks. The starry sky is gray and flat and even full lamp power won´t camouflage it. EH-TW5200 is, in other words, not the right projector for “film noir”, like Batman, Terminator and Alien. But the scenes in daylight look very good. One can get better blacks by activating the dynamic iris, but personally I prefer to have it turned off.

​A plus with LCD technology is that there´s no rainbow effect, and that the eyes relax more.

  • IN ThE bOX

2,000lm White and Colour Light Output
3LCD Full HD technology
MHL connectivity 2D and 3D projections
Switch to 'fast mode' for gaming

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