InFocus IN3128HD Review

Bright But Flawed

InFocus IN3128HD review

InFocus IN3128HD is the only projector we've tested that lacks 3D support. It is built to be connected and used with virtually no adjustments. Here, there are no color settings, just preset picture modes. Not even the sharpness can be set. Thankfully, you can at least adjust the contrast and brightness.

The remote is annoyingly small and lacks illuminated buttons. It has no Direct Buttons for contrast and brightness. The projector's fan is heard clearly but is not violently annoying.

​The zoom has good range, providing flexibility during installation.

​Something worth noting is that the IN3128HD is categorized as a "classroom projector" on InFocus' official website. That would explain why it doesn't perform as well in a home theater context.

InFocus IN3128HD inputs

​Image Quality

​In a dark room the economy mode and color mode 'film' with a "hot" color temperature provides best picture.

The blackness is a little grayer than with the best projectors in this price range, but is compensated by the extreme brightness. In eco-mode the IN3128HD is brighter than all the other projectors we´ve tested when they are running at full power. And InFocus is a further 20 percent brighter when it is running at full throttle. It gives the image the best visibility in daylight.

​Nor does the IN3128HD have very saturated colors, but it is not as lifeless as the Vivitek. Apart from the blue that is lacking a bit, and makes a blue sky look grayer than it should.

However, it is the image distortion that is the slayer of the InFocus. Often you´ll see a lot of “mosquito noise” in the image. Faces on film is characterized by excessive noise. The same applies to a galaxy against a black background in the BBC’s “Wonders of the Universe” on blu-ray. It’s a shame, because the projector’s predecessor was the a test winner and it did not have the same amount of noise. The problems probably have something to do with the higher light intensity.

​With the lamp and brightness on max settings it becomes even brighter and more dazzling, but will also present even more impurities.

  • 4000 lumens
  • 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio
  • HDMI x 2, VGA and port for USB thumb drive
  • Display over USB, LAN or optional WLAN
  • Display and manage over your network
  • 20-watt stereo audio

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