Optoma HD131Xe Review

The Budget Choice

Optoma HD131Xe review

The Optoma HD131Xe has a clean menu system and the remote control has backlit buttons that you can easily find in the dark. All primary and secondary colors can be adjusted with hue, saturation and brightness. There´s hardly any need to fine-tune the brightness and contrast, just lower the brightness a tad. The rest looks pretty good out-of-the-box.

The best preset color mode for movies in subdued lighting is the "reference" and the Lamp mode "eco".

Optoma HD131Xe inputs

​Image Quality

​Optoma has a darker black level than the InFocus. But it´s not totally dark, and as the lamp power is on the weaker side of the projectors we´ve tested, the picture is somewhat flat and have less nuanced shades of light. A starry night sky lacks brightness of the stars, just like the clouds on a blue sky lacks gradations of light.

​But most of the scenes in movies are after all not pitch black and in daylight, the picture is good. Colors are saturated and balanced, especially in "Brilliant color" mode which enhances the secondary colors. Faces look fresh and neutral.

​What lowers the score is some noise in the transitions from light to dark. There is some mosquito noise too, although it's not nearly as bad as with the InFocus. Noise reduction is available, but it does not work well on noise created by the projector itself, as it apparently occurs after noise reduction is performed.

​In bright rooms, it is an advantage to run at full lamp power. This gives you double the brightness and with full lamp power the HD131Xe is among the brightest of the projectors we've tested. On the other hand, the color saturation gets worse, because it is only white light that is amplified.

​If $1500 is your pain threshold, you should certainly consider the Optoma HD131Xe. If you can stretch your budget a bit, there are better options.


  • Unsurpassed image quality for the best home theater experience
  • Native 1080p resolution
  • Full 3D compatibility; immerse yourself in your favorite 3D movie or video game
  • Comprehensive connectivity to satisfy your current and future needs

The Optoma HD131Xw is a remarkably powerful high resolution 1080p projector designed to deliver magnificent quality video with superb color accuracy and amazingly sharp detail.

With its 2500 lumens bright image and impressive 18000:1 contrast ratio, the Optoma HD131Xw will help you create the most fantastic, most enjoyable home theater experience.

Offers full 3D compatibility for seamless integration with your favorite Blu-ray 3D player, also compatible with Apple TV, gaming consoles and set-top-boxes.

The Optoma HD131Xw combines industry-leading energy saving features, whisper quiet operation and Optoma’s legendary performance and quality to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding home theater enthusiast.

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