Audio Pro Allroom Air One Review

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Audio Pro Allroom Air One review

Streaming music has created a demand of wireless speakers. Conveniently, you can sit in your favorite chair and play music from your mobile phone, without the hassle of conventional speaker and audio systems. Wireless speakers are therefore available in all sizes, price ranges , colors and qualities. But few of them go so well with Wimp like the Air One.

Wimp is a streaming service for music that you subscribe to, and their most expensive HiFi subscription music files has the same sound quality as CDs. 16-bit audio files without compression. This suits the Audio Pro Allroom Air One perfectly. When we tested the 15,8 inches wide Audio Pro speaker it painted a large and sonorous sound of music from Wimp HiFi.

​But it can be used with cables as well, since it has an analog line input on the back. There is also a USB port and one optical digital input that can be used with a laptop - or even a TV to get better sound.

Audio Pro Allroom Air One remote

​The speaker is beautifully designed in black, white or red leather, and it features a small plinth that lifts it up and angle it to spread the sound better if it is on a low bench or shelf.

iPhone and iPad users can rub their hands over the Allroom Air One as it support Apple’s AirPlay streaming. It is a technology that can sound better than bluetooth, which is used by many other wireless speakers, such as Audio Pro’s Addon T10.

​Allroom Air One includes a remote control, but also have buttons behind the removable grille that can be used when connecting the speaker for the first time. If there are any wireless networks nearby that you can stream music from, it is possible to establish a dedicated local wifi network so that you can stream directly to the speaker.

Audio Pro Allroom Air One drivers
Audio Pro Allroom Air One back

​Android users can also stream music to the speaker if the phone supports DLNA, which is very common nowadays. There is an app that you can use to set up the speaker, and control multiple devices at the same time. You can give the speakers different names, like Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, and so on.

​The speaker has a bass driver and a tweeter for each channel, powered by a 4 x 25 watt amplifier. But it sounds as if there are several hundreds of watts on tap.

​The soundstage is great. Much bigger than you would think before you turn up the volume and get hit by a powerful bass right in the stomach. The speaker can handle almost any level of volume (within its limits) and the sound is clear and clean even when played unpleasantly loud. Allroom Air One can handle all kinds of music and have as little trouble with string orchestras as with Death Metal blast beats. Voices are very nicely defined and the midrange is open. Everything sound well balanced and natural. Two big thumbs up for Audio Pro!

​The Audio Pro Allroom Air One demands attention with its tough and at the same time refined way of playing music, so much that we must give it top rankings. Though, make sure you don´t place it to close to the back wall, as this can result in too much bass.

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Apple’s AirPlay allows you to play your music wirelessly in your network using your Mac/PC with iTunes (with Mac OS X Moutain Lion you can use AirPlay with any music service) or any iOS device. Easy and in perfect audio quality. With the Airplay Direct Link feature you can even play your stored music wirelessly without a wireless network! And there is even a nice wireless part for Android users via DLNA technology.

For the Allroom Air One, we favored a clean Scandinavian Audio Pro design, which is as easy on the eye as it is to place in-room. Rather than adopt the exaggerated ‘flying saucer’ shape of many of today’s compact sound systems, the Allroom Air One is built deliberately to blend with, rather than dominate décor. All the same, the Allroom Air One is as sophisticated part of the modern home as the smart-phones and pads that connect with it. Smartly finished in luxurious red, white or black leather with contrasting stitches, the Allroom Air One will enhance any space with its naturally uncomplicated good looks, great sound and easy functionality.


Audio Pro specializes in getting great sound from compact enclosures. The Allroom Air One is no exception, incorporating innovative acoustic design in order to deliver great audio dynamics with deep bass in abundance. Utilizing a system of four drivers, individually powered by dedicated amplifiers under the command of sophisticated DSP processing, the Air One will add a physical, room-filling dimension to the sound from uncompressed, lossless AirPlay® streams and other sound sources.

As well as being a premium AirPlay® speaker, Allroom Air One has other talents. Connect further sound sources via USB, analogue 3.5mm and optical TOSL INK inputs. Allroom Air One is designed to be the family’s sound system, enhancing the audio performance of any portable device and giving the HDTV hi-fi sound to match the picture quality. Remote control over volume/track/play/pause is easy from the tactile handset supplied. Greater access to functionality and setup is available through the Audio Pro iOS app, available through the App Store.

Download the free Audio Pro AirPlay setup app from App Store.

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