Beats Pill 2.0 Review

Slick But Weak

Beats is perhaps best known for their headphones that combines heavy bass and street smart looks, but they actually have speakers too. Their wireless Pill has now been updated with really smart features.

Just like the UE Boom you can use two speakers and play the same thing, or use them as left and right speakers for stereo sound. The back is also equipped with a USB output so you can charge your cell phone if it is running low on power in the middle of the playlist. The power comes, however, from a rather weak battery and will drain it even faster.

Pill is a very small speakers, so it is easy to take with you and it feels quite well built. We like the rounded shape and it´s available in a lot of different colors. To pair it with your mobile is easy with support for NFC. It can also be connected with a cable and have an audio output as well. Additionally it can be used as a speakerphone and it actually works really well.

​The sound was a surprise, but not in any good way. We had expected the characteristic bass-heavy and dance-friendly Beats sound, but the Pill 2.0 sounds rather dull. The bass is completely absent, which disqualifies it for that kind of music the target audience is listening to. You also get distortion if you try to crank the volume to party-levels. However, the midrange is surprisingly detailed and present allowing the speaker to actually work with subtle music at a moderate volume.


Anyone who has a couple of cool Beats headphones certainly expect that the equally delicious Pill 2.0 is perfectly suited to the music. But the pill quickly gets stuck in the throat. The sound is rather a contrast to the headphones heavy thump. Beats speaker sounds weak, both in terms of volume and bass resources. It does not help that it has smart features to connect multiple speakers, or that you can charge your mobile from it. At this price we would have expected an injection of energy, not a sleeping pill.

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