Bose Solo Review

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Bose Solo review

The Bose Solo connects to the TV, which can be between 32 and 42 inches wide, with an optical or coaxial digital cable, or analog RCA cable. Only one can be enabled at a time and the Solo will know which. Other cables are redundant.

There is no bluetooth function, and the Solo is the only sound bar we´ve tested without streaming capability. The remote has only the on/off button and volume control. This makes the Bose Solo foolproof, but also means that it has no settings for the audio. Any display is thus unnecessary.

Bose Solo pedestal

There is no audio delay at the digital inputs, so the sound is synchronized well. There is plenty of bass, which is well integrated with the rest of the mix. Movie dialog has more dynamics in the midrange than the Philips HTL4110 and Solo spreads the sound nicely, beyond its physical size. ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness‘ can be played at fairly high volume before the action scenes forces the speaker to its knees. Benedict Cumberbatch, aka Khan, has a bass-rich voice that is sufficiently rich, but the Bose is not as rich as the Philips HTL4100 and doesn´t have as distinct overtones. We therefore prefer Philips when we watch movies.

​Music in stereo does have a better tonal cohesion and sounds in general a little more natural with Bose, despite the absence of some air at the top.

Bose Solo TV Sound System
List Price: $399.00
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Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System #740928-1110
  • Current Price: $329.00
  • Ends: Feb 27, 2018 15:08:29 CET
Bose Solo 5 TV sound system - Factory-Renewed
  • Current Price: $219.99
  • Ends: Mar 1, 2018 0:56:40 CET
Bose Solo TV Sound System Home Theater 410376 Parts/Repair
  • Current Price: $11.00
  • Ends: Feb 25, 2018 19:10:56 CET
  • IN ThE bOX
  • Wide, even sound throughout the room from Bose speaker array technology
  • More effects, music and dialogue, clearly and naturally, with proprietary digital signal processing
  • Single 3 inch high cabinet contains the speaker array and fits neatly under your HDTV, no additional equipment needed
  • Extremely easy setup, with one connection to your TV and one plug to the wall
  • Simple four-button remote with power, mute and volume functions

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