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It is not even two inches thick, yet sounds as if it has much bigger muscles. There´s certainly nothing wrong with the self-confidence in this little Bose speaker. SoundLink III is just as the name suggests, the third edition of the portable and battery-powered SoundLink speaker.

Number three has a new, slightly more dull design with the same technology as its predecessor. The advantage of the new design is that the speaker is smaller and easier to accommodate. And since the battery life is 14 hours, you do not have to bring the charger everywhere – though it had been useful with a USB charger instead of the included wall charger.

​Build quality is close to flawless, much better than most other things we’ve seen in this price range. On the inside there are four speaker drivers plus two passive woofers. The power is controlled by a digital circuit that compensates for the distortion that occurs when playing loud.

Once you’ve paired the speaker with your phone or tablet, just turn up the volume. SoundLink III can not be bothered to play as loud as the Jabra Solemate MAX, but makes mush of the smaller SoundLink Mini. Even when it comes to sound quality. Here you get a deeper and more potent bass. Voices are clearer and more distinctly focused, and the sound is naturally bigger and fuller. Compared with UE Boom there is significantly better deep bass here, but the treble is smoother and more extended in the Boom. Two UE Boom also play louder for about the same money, and gives a much better stereo perspective.

But Bose SoundLink III is more convenient and looks more discreet. Most will probably prefer this. In other respects it doesn´t differ so much in sound quality, so if SoleMate Max is too big (and expensive) and two UE Boom is impractical, the Bose SoundLink III is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers in this price class.


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• Wireless Bluetooth link eliminates the need to physically connect your Bluetooth device. • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides hours of Bose performance.
• AUX connector lets you connect any music device directly to your speaker.
• Pair up to six Bluetooth devices. • Easy grab-and-go mobility.

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