Cambridge Audio Minx Go Review

Affordable And Sonorous

Unlike competitors that outdo each other with sleek or startling design, Cambridge Audio has chosen a more discreet way. Color choices are neutral white or black, and no one will notice the Minx Go as long as it is quiet. With the exception of the front metal grille, the rest is sadly plastic. But it still feels solid and well built, with a reassuring weight. At the bottom there is a fold-out foot so that it is stable when you take it out of the bag.

The top has volume controls and a power button. Press it twice and it allows you to connect it to your mobile with Bluetooth. Unfortunately, it is not NFC, which would have been even easier. You can also connect external audio sources with a good old-fashioned cord. The weight reveals that there is a real battery inside and battery life is indeed one of the best among the portable speakers we´ve tested. On the back is a USB plug to charge the cell phone but inconveniently the Minx Go must be connected to the power cord in order for it to work.

​With a relatively large cabinet and a hefty bass driver at the back we had high expectations for Minx Go. And they were met, actually. No matter what genre of music we exposed it to, it kept it up to scratch. It sounds balanced, which makes most of the music enjoyable, and when I closed my eyes I believed it was a much larger speakers playing. You may not get the same deep bass as one might have hoped for, but it is controlled up to a relatively high volume.


​Although the Cambridge Audio Minx Go might look a bit anonymous, it suits those who do not want a neon green rubber speaker in the hotel room. If one takes it outside, you can enjoy the excellent battery life. The charging socket on the rear panel is unfortunately not as practical as expected, since it requires the power cord to be plugged in. But when you crank up the music you´ll forget that detail, as the Minx Go sounds just fine with most music. At this price, we must say that it is a bargain.


Cambridge Audio Minx x300
  • Current Price: $325.00
  • Ends: Jan 29, 2018 20:56:11 CET
  • 5 Speaker Array 5 speaker array delivers every note with precision and authority: 2 Titanium tweeters ring true for exceptional crisp detail and soaring hights. While, twin 2" woofers offer excellent stereo imaging. A rear-mounted Active Bass Radiato
  • On Board DAC On board Digital to Analogue converters squeeze maximum detail from your streamed music before it's processed into the sounds you hear. Streaming music apps and services If you can play it on your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can
  • Gaming If you play games on your laptop, phone or tablet, you'll know how poor the sound quality. However, now you stream audio using Bluetooth to Minx Go and hear all the bangs, crashes and effects in the most amazing detail.

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