BoomBox Group Test: JVC RV-NB70 Boom Blaster Review

The Original Is Still The Best

JVC RV-NB70 Boomblaster review

The classical and vulgar bazooka shape that we recognize from the JVC Boom Blaster series from the 1990s is preserved. Though for obvious reasons, there is no tape deck here. Instead, it has a 30-pin iPod dock which is also compatible with the iPhone. But the new iPhone 5 will not fit and must be connected with a 3.5 mm mini jack. The same applies to the iPad and other players.

RV-NB70 has both FM/DAB radio, CD player and wireless playback via Bluetooth. And then there is an input for a vocal microphone and guitar, with a distortion effect. The USB port allows you to play music files from a USB stick - and even record music from the guitar/mic input! Sing or play along to a karaoke version of a song and save everything on a USB stick. Not a feature that everyone has use for, but some people must think it´s worth gold!

Ten big D batteries is needed if you want to listen to music without having an outlet nearby.

​JVC and Sharp have largely identical functions. But JVC has its own volume control to the bass drivers who sits on either side, so that you can adjust the bass as desired. Fun.

The Sound​

​In brief, the JVC unit is everything that Sharp is trying to be. Sure, it´s more expensive, but in return the bass is more powerful and fuller. Instead of sounding hard, the JVC has a fullness that may be on the verge to tip over to being exaggerated. But, especially outdoors, this is something I definitely prefer personally.

​JVC has even higher gain than the Sharp, which helps recordings with low level.

​If the bass drivers are adjusted to full power, vocals and brighter instrument will sound muffled. But in the park or on the beach it is important to be able to play loud with heavy bass rather than it sounding completely linear. On the whole, the JVC RV-NB70 is absolutely superb for its purpose.

​Wireless audio with bluetooth is cool. But I notice that the harmonics sound rougher. There´s more interference as well, with audible noise in quiet passages. But on the beach I´m very happy with the bluetooth anyway!

  • 40W Total Power
  • Plays CD, CD-R/RW, USB (MP3/WMA)
  • FM Tuner with 30 Presets
  • 3-3/16" (8cm) Full-Range Speakers and 5-1/8" (13cm) Super Woofer
  • MP3/WMA Playback
  • Dock for iPod(R) /iPhone(R) with Twist Auto Lock Door
  • USB Host
  • Twin Super Woofers with Level Control
  • Mic/Guitar Input with Level Control
  • 4-Amp Configuration
  • Remote Control
  • Shoulder Belt
  • Works with Batteries

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