Klipsch RF-62 II Review

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Klipsch RF-62 II review

The new Reference Series is the successor of Klipsch's most popular series ever. At first glance it does not seem to be many changes, but the mkII version of the RF-62 has received an interior 'facelift' and improved drivers. With dual 6.5-inch drivers and Tractrix-horn tweeter, this is a great speaker who inspires great expectations of sound pressure and musical joy.

The RF series is popular with home theater audiences and it's not surprising. The horn equipped speakers are very efficient and can play loud with very few watts. It can also withstand more abuse than average. However, surprisingly it is not the amount of sound, but the quality that is the most impressive.

Sound Quality​

​RF-62 II sounds big, powerful and well controlled. The bass is deep but is also tight and controlled. The midrange is rich and warm and has a clarity that we can´t seem to find in many of the rivals in its price range. Voices are powerful and nuanced. Klipsch dwells healthily in upper harmonics but also the midrange is generous. Overall, the music is very pleasant with a fresh tonality.

Klipsch RF-62 MkII bass reflex port

While dome treble drivers have a theoretical maximum level of 105 dB (at 1 meter range) the horn tweeter in RF-62 II can withstand much higher volume before it overloads and start distorting the sound. This has its advantages, not only at deafening volume, but also provides additional resources to more normal listening levels where demanding music and movie soundtracks can involve large dynamic challenges.

​Horn Tweeters are often characterized by a bit harsh and sharp sound quality, but that description is more fitting when it comes to PA speakers. On the contrary, the RF-62 MkII is very neat and pleasing at the top and has a nice resolution. They don´t have the precise soundstage like, for example, DALI Ikon 5 mk2, but it outweighs this by being able to play louder and cleaner.

​Although Klipsch sound good at low volume, it's extra fun to turn up the volume. Even at levels that get other speakers start to sweat, the RF-62 continues to sound extremely restrained and pleasant. The high efficiency is also an important feature. It differs approximately 6 dB in sensitivity between Klipsch and other averagely sensitive speakers, which means that the latter requires four times as much power to play as loud as the RF-62 II, and it has a big impact on what amp you should choose - especially if you intend to buy a cheap home theater receiver, where the power and current resources are in short supply.


​These Klipsch speakers have a chunkier look than a lot of other 'design speakers', but it just shows that they are serious! Some people would certainly write them off as a bit vulgar, but the fact is that the RF-62 II is full of musical passion and empathy. They play with a lot of dynamism, life and sense, but also sounds surprisingly "hi-fi" with a smooth sound character and a pleasant resolved treble. For this money, they are nothing more than an unquestionable bargain.


Klipsch RF-62 II Floorstanding Speaker -Black (Single)
  • Current Price: $299.00
  • Ends: Feb 28, 2018 3:56:40 CET
Klipsch RF-62 II Floorstanding Speaker -Black (Single)
  • Current Price: $299.95
  • Ends: Mar 3, 2018 17:18:50 CET
  • Fills large rooms with outstanding sound reproduction
  • Equally impressive with music and movies
  • Highly efficient design produces more output using less energy
  • Accurate, non-fatiguing sound
  • Plays louder with less distortion than the competition
  • Enhanced 1" titanium Linear Travel Suspension horn-loaded tweeter
  • Dual 6.5" high-output Cerametallic woofers
  • Dimensions: 40.6" H x 8.5" W x 15.5" D
  • Beautiful wood-grain vinyl veneer cabinet

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