Panasonic SC-HTE80 Review

Running Out Of Breath

The woofer's sound level can be adjusted in four steps, the same goes for the 'center' channel that reproduces dialog. When both set as low as possible, it sounds most balanced, but you can try things out and let personal taste govern. The display gives the overview of the features.

The sound is well balanced and good as long as SC-HTE80 isn´t fed with dynamically demanding material. Dialog from movie and television is clear without being sharp. The 'Cinema' feature paints a large soundstage that extends well beyond the speaker's width.

Panasonic SC-HTE80

Star Trek: Into Darkness‘ is unfortunately pure death for the Panasonic SC-HTE80. It folds flat when the film’s explosions begin, and Khan’s voice rapidly begins to jar. And this despite the fact that the sound is not very loud at all.

​Stereo music sound is actually not the best in the "Music" mode, since the treble sounds distorted. This is especially true with bluetooth, but also with CD. In stereo mode, it sounds cleaner, but with a narrower stereo perspective (no signal processing). If you want more sound, try the "Cinema" mode.

The SC-HTE80 is by far the most puny of the sound bars we’ve tested. It is probably intended for small TV sets. Nonetheless, we are disappointed because we know that Panasonic makes some of the best TV sets, who deserve so much more.


  • Slim, discrete 120W sound board fits neatly beneath your TV
  • Revel in clear, natural treble and rich, resonating base
  • Feel the action with powerful, integrated dual subwoofers
  • Sync Bluetooth devices and smartphones via one-touch NFC

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