BoomBox Group Test: Sharp GX-M10 Boombox Review

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Sharp GX-M10 Boombox review

It is impossible not to have an opinion about Sharp's looks. GX-M10 is just as big as it is vulgar, with metallic orange mixed with black. The first time it´s turned on the lights flashes while the characters in the display scrolls - one can not help but think of all the billboards in Times Square in New York. If TDK aimed at retro-minimalistic, then Sharp has gone in the opposite direction.

Sharp GX-M10 remote control

Two 5-inch woofers sits at each end, lit up with "party light". They handle the bass foundation for the two 3-inch drivers on the front. The overall effect is a full 100 watts RMS, which should be enough to get the party started - as soon as you put in ten big D-batteries, that is. The GX-M10 can be carried over the shoulder or using the handle on the side.

An iPod dock, with 30-pin connector, sits in the middle. If you want to hook up an iPhone 5 or iPad you can do so with a USB cable. All other type of players can be connected with mini-jack cable. You can not transmit sound wirelessly to Sharp's unit. However, there is both a CD player and radio. Plus input for guitar and microphone in the form of 6.3-mm jack inputs. Ready to jam a bit, folks?

The Sound​

​GX-M10 can definitely play loud enough to make you unpopular both in the park and on the beach. Crank it up and see how people run away to hide from the sound! Especially distorted guitars will pierce their ears and gnaw into their cerebral cortex. Really tough sometimes.

​What is missing is the fullness. The bass is thin, which makes the sound feel quite sharp. There are several different EQ settings to choose from and "Rock" is probably the one that sounds the toughest. Even tougher and fuller bass you´ll get by holding down the EQ button for two seconds, then activated the "X-Bass" that gives the fullness of the bass I was missing. It is however a bit pompous and does not mix so well with the rest of the sound, and is playing a little 'on its own'. Sharp should learn from JVC and have its own volume control for the bass drivers, giving you better control and the option to adjust the bass level to your own taste and requirements.


Sharp GX-M10 High Powered Portable Audio System
  • Current Price: $188.88
  • Ends: Jan 20, 2018 15:44:12 CET
  • IN ThE bOX
  • Dual Subwoofer Design
  • iPhone® + iPod® + iPad® connection
  • Protected docking Enclosure
  • 100 Watts of Power
  • CD Drive
  • FM Tuner
  • Microphone and Guitar mixing inputs
  • Flashing Accent LED’s on Sub Woofers
  • Battery operation + AC Power + 12 Volt
  • Dual position base for table top / floor placement

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  1. I own this boombox. The review was right on. Lack of good EQ control makes this unit sound weak. The volume you do have is harsh and not pleasant on the ears. Using an i(product) is the only way to go… or a CD. But the ixxxxx gives you a different audio rout of the signal and it is clearly designed for the apple products. It is a compete fail if using the 1/8″ in jack as it send tghis signal through the subpar aux DSP which sounds completely bass-less. The MAX bass setting will not work through the AUX setting. So, in turn, the unit lack proper function and is deserving of only one star…. if that.

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