Sony SRSX5 Review

Elegance And Power

Sony SRSX5 review

Sony’s SRS-X5 travel speakers is a stylish device that is available with red, white or black front. The angular shape is not sharp due to the rounded corners, and the construction is solid and trustworthy. The speaker grill is made of metal and the plastics used are of high quality. The only objection is that the touch buttons on the top are prone to fingerprints. On the back we find the charging plug which unfortunately is not USB, so you have to remember to bring the charger.

Sony SRSX5 USB charger

On the back you'll also find a USB port that provide enough power to charge both mobiles and tablets when you're on the go. If you do not want to use the cable connection, it's easy to pair the speaker with a mobile thanks to NFC. Because there´s no app you have to use the touch buttons to select the audio input and sound profile. You can also press the phone button when calling and use the device as a speakerphone.

​Sony is usually good at squeezing out good sound even from their smaller speakers and the X5 is no exception. Three forward-facing drivers and a bass port on the back provides a large and rich sound with surprising bass response. It is only when you max out the volume with demanding music it breaks up. Whatever genre of music - we nodded approvingly. This is especially true if you use a mobile which supports aptX standard. It simply raises the quality a notch.


​Despite the slightly angular shape, Sony has managed really well with the design and accent colors. SRS-X5 feels solid and, despite some plastic, has a good quality feel. It is simple to pair the speaker with a mobile thanks to NFC, and the touch buttons on the top makes it easy to operate. If you forgot to charge your cell phone it can be handy to plug it in the back and borrow power from the battery. But the most impressive aspect is the sound that beats most of what we heard from a small portable speaker.


Sony SRS-X5KIT Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Case
  • Current Price: $76.49
  • Ends: Mar 11, 2018 20:27:57 CET
SONY SRS-X5 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker | Includes Charger
  • Current Price: $60.00
  • Ends: Mar 5, 2018 1:48:23 CET
Sony SRS-X5KIT Wireless Portable Speaker with Case - Black
  • Current Price: $64.96
  • Ends: Mar 11, 2018 16:59:15 CET
  • IN ThE bOX
  • Powerful stereo sound with 20 watts of power
  • Subwoofer with dual passive radiators for rich sound (50 Hz to 20 kHz)
  • Bluetooth audio streaming with AAC and aptX support
  • Convenient One-Touch Listening technology
  • USB power port for charging smartphones and tablets

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