BoomBox Group Test: Soundcast OutCast Review

Perfect For The Party

Soundcast OutCast wireless speaker

OutCast is an audio system that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The size in combination with the standing cylindrical shape is reminiscent of a high-tech garbage can with buttons. On the bottom is an awesome 8-inch woofer that plays along with four omnidirectional drivers placed around the top. All of it is driven by a high power amplifier at 100 watts.

Soundcast OutCast portable

A rechargeable battery is built-in. Give it three hours or so, and it is fully charged. Then you´ll have about ten hours of playing time with the Outcast - at full volume!

The music player is connected with mini-jack cable or the iPod dock iCast (included) which streams audio wirelessly from a docked iPod or iPhone without losses. You can skip from song to song in the playlist directly on iCast, if you want. Other players can also be connected to iCast with the mini jack. However, they can not be operated.

Note that the iCast must be plugged into the wall socket, so if you’re going to the beach or the park you have to hook up the music with the cable to the OutCast. I therefore think that the unit could do well with bluteooth too.

​The Sound

Soundcast's OutCast sounds really awesome. It can play louder than any other test participant, the sound really benefits from all those watts and the woofer. The bass is deep, rich and powerful. The entire frequency range is reproduced with amazing balance. Singing voices stand out clearly from the music, thanks to a clean and dynamic midrange, while the treble is airy enough to make the music soar. Since the speaker cones are sitting quite tight, there is no huge stereo perspective, but it doesn´t really matter. Those who can afford can additionally buy two OutCast and connect them together. But I personally think that´s overkill.

The sound quality feels equally good with wireless as well as cable. Too bad you are dependent on an electrical outlet to transmit sound wirelessly though.

This is the test's best and most powerful sound. But it costs the most and is definitely not the most portable.


soundcast outcast jr
  • Current Price: $489.99
  • Ends: Feb 6, 2018 17:32:18 CET
Soundcast Outcast Bundle
  • Current Price: $600.00
  • Ends: Feb 8, 2018 21:30:13 CET
  • Current Price: $99.99
  • Ends: Jan 20, 2018 5:16:28 CET

• All-weather wireless speaker system
• Listen to your iPod®/iPhone®, Android™, MP3 player, computer or any analog audio source
• Proprietary DSP technology matches amplifiers to drivers for greater efficiency and premium audio performance
• Convenient top-panel controls volume and remote functions for iPod®/iPhone® and PC2 operation (including Rhapsody®, Pandora®, iTunes® and more)
• Long-range, interference-free wireless transmission1
• Works through walls, floors and ceilings eliminating the need for running wires
• Portable – carry it anywhere with its built-in rechargeable battery for 10-to-20 hours of uninterrupted wireless sound (+/- power level)
• Night Illumination – Blue LED base lighting for extra ambiance and safety at night
• Simple and straightforward setup
• Apple® Remote App Compatible

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