Yamaha SRT-1000 Review

Big Sound for Big TVs

Yamaha SRT-1000 Review

Big TVs need big sound. Yamaha now provides even 55-inch TVs with beefed up audio.

Although a sound bar is a nice and convenient solution in combination with televisions of a slightly larger size, a small sound bar can not keep up with the massive image. Even most sound plates are pushed to their limits when the screen size reaches a certain size. Yamaha's SRT-1000 not only offers plenty of space for your TV, the size of the sound is of course also on par with the size of the image.

This is ensured by a lot of drivers which have found their way into the stylish heavy-duty MDF cabinet, capable of holding up to 88.1 lbs (40 kg). In the front you´ll find eight 1-1/8” drivers, complemented by two oval 1-1/2” × 4” woofers powered by separate 30 watts amps. In addition, two 3-1/4” subwoofers are installed at the bottom with reflex ports located on the side of the SRT-1000. The reflection of the sound waves from these drivers on the room walls creates a virtual surround sound, and the first impression leaves a pretty good feeling.

yamaha srt-1000 soundbase

Sound Quality and The SRT-1000 In Use

yamaha srt-1000 remote control

Spatial sound is of course always depending on room size and seating position. Most front surround systems usually presents an average surround sound experience, but with the SRT-1000 it feels significantly more accurate. You can in fact enter your room dimensions and wall clearances in the free Home Theater Control app to obtain a much more accurate and better result. Of course, it also allows you to choose between the different sound modes (Movie, Music, Sports, Game), as well as the most recently used source. A handy flap at the top of the two optical, coaxial and analog RCA inputs makes it easily accessible when the sound plate is already installed.

So, once you have all the parameters set correctly, you´re rewarded with easy operation and a wonderfully rich sound, which goes hand in hand with the image of your large HD TV. The bass from the larger subwoofers complements the clear highs from the eight front drivers, creating a large, spacious sound. For brutal action movies, the bass can be controlled and adjusted separately and dialogue driven scenes will benefit from Yamaha's 'Clear Voice' feature that keeps conversations intelligible. Even when playing music that is streamed to the SRT-1000 using a mobile device or laptop via Bluetooth, the elegant sound plate is quite convincing. If the bass resources aren´t enough you have the option to add an external subwoofer by using the subwoofer pre-out.

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​The Yamaha SRT-1000 is a well-equipped and good looking sound system with a surround sound that is convincing in virtually any situation. If you have a large TV but also feel that the sound is on the puny side, we recommend putting your TV on a SRT-1000 and start enjoying the improvement.


  • Features
  • Specifications
  • IN THe bOX
  • True 5.1-channel surround sound for incredible realism
  • Dual built-in subwoofers provide deep, rich bass
  • Bluetooth® wireless music streaming from a smartphone or tablet
  • Extremely easy set up with a single-cable connection
  • Use as stand for most TVs from 32" to 55"

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