Creative Sound Blaster Roar Review

Does He That Too Much Embraceth, Hold Little?

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Review

Very often it pops up speakers who want to be compared with wild animals. Creative Sound Blaster Roar for example, likes to roar like a lion, even though it is no bigger than a curled up kitten.

Creative's new party box Sound Blaster Roar is a hefty little thing, and since we are of the firm view that a portable speaker should be designed to withstand some beating, it is a good sign. But when we look at it, we discover that everything is as usual. The unprotected inputs says desktop application rather than beach party, so what is offered here?

Quite a lot actually.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar speaker drivers

Many Strings To Its Bow

While other speakers are content to play your music wirelessly, Creative Sound Blaster Roar is a smorgasbord of more or less unnecessary features. There is a speakerphone that can record calls, it is a media player that can play audio files from a memory card, it is a battery charger for mobile phones and it is the world’s clumsiest assault alarm. Yes, you read that right. Set the alarm and hold the button for three seconds, and you´ll hear the sirens!

Clean and Neat Sound

But a mile-long list of features does of course nothing if the sound quality isn´t up to par, and fortunately the five speaker drivers deliver an astoundingly big sound that is pleasant to listen to. If we are to complain about anything, it is that the deepest bass is conspicuous by its absence. A fun feature is the gimmicky magnificent Roar button. When we press it the sound gets a boost, which proves to be particularly useful when we test the speaker in a loud festive environment.


Overall, the Creative Sound Blaster Roar is an interesting and well-made speaker. It sounds good and it has features enough to spare - but in order to secure a place as the King of the Jungle it requires sharper teeth than that.

  • Features
  • Specifications
Creative Bluetooth Multipoint
Connect two Bluetooth devices^ simultaneously.

^ Only available in Link Security Mode 2
Link Security (Bluetooth Connectivity) Mode for different usage scenarios.
LS 2 : (Default) Creative Bluetooth Multipoint mode
LS 1 : “Friendly” access mode
OFF : “Free for all” access mode
HD Audio Codecs : Supports aptX® and AAC for audio for high quality wireless audio. NFC: Hassle-free Bluetooth® connectivity
Simply tap an NFC-enabled smartphone to wirelessly connect to the Sound Blaster Roar — it's that simple!
Speakerphone Teleconferencing:
Takes smartphone calls for a hands-free experience
MicroSD Card Reader:
Browse or modify contents of any SDHC microSD
card up to 32GB, when connected via USB to PC/Mac
Integrated MP3 Player: Enjoy your music from a microSD card, without committing your phone. Supports MP3, WMA and WAV formats. Integrated Voice Recorder: Records audio and calls directly to a microSD card
Dual Purpose Battery: Built-in 6000mAH Lithium-Ion battery charges your smartphones and tablets, and gives you up to 8 hours* of audio playback Sound Blaster USB Audio: Coupled with Sound Blaster Control Panel for PC/Mac, the Sound Blaster Roar functions as an external Sound Blaster with SBX Pro Studio technologies for real-time audio playback enhancement
Bedtime Mode : Gradually reduces playback volume before automatically shutting down One-Touch Siren : Grab attention when you need it

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