Samsung HW-H750 Review

Samsung Goes Big

Samsung HW-H750 review

Samsung's speaker has tubes in the amplifier stage to provide sound with extra warmth and richness. It can be set up as a part of Samsung's wireless WAM multiroom system. Then you can also play movies and music in other rooms, as well as in the living room.

HW-H750 is black, but also comes in silver (HW-H751). It can play music files from a USB memory, but because the small display gives a bad overview, it is perhaps better to use bluetooth, where the music can be controlled directly from a mobile phone or tablet device.

One signal source can be connected to the HDMI input, multiple sources connected to the TV, which is then connected to the speaker via Bluetooth - or use the audio return channel from the TV.

Movie sound is very good, the dialogue is clear with a lot of authority in the voices. We get a good sense of surround sound, better than you would normally expect from a sound bar at this price. We hear a little noise from the speaker when the blu-ray player is on pause, but not when it completely stopped or playing. I'm not really sure what causes this artifact.

Music in stereo sound coherent and nice. The resolution of the harmonics is not as good as the Canton DM 50, but the Samsung subwoofer has a couple of advantages when playing music of the heavier kind. HW-H750 plays quite loud - louder than most sound bars we´ve tested recently. Overall, a very good sound bar.

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Clarity and character: that's what you get with the Samsung Sound Bar H750. Combining the warmth of vacuum tubes with the power and precision of digital technology, you get the audio experience of a complex sound system in a refined package.

Vacuum Tube Amp

Experience natural sound with the combination of Vacuum Tubes and digital audio. Vacuum Tubes bring warmth to the crisp digital sound. Enjoy their ambient glow as the speakers fill the air with your favorite song or scene.

Shape Multi-Room Compatible

Compatible with the Shape Multi-Room System, which wirelessly connects all of your compatible speakers and mobile devices into an incredibly flexible multi-room sound system.

TV SoundConnect

Minimize clutter by wirelessly connecting your Samsung Sound Bar to your TV with TV SoundConnect. Instantly start enjoying movies and streaming music with more impactful sound.

Bluetooth® Power On

Conveniently connect and turn on your Sound Bar with Bluetooth Power On. If you want to stream music from your portable Bluetooth device, simply select the Sound Bar for pairing and it will automatically power on and begin playing.

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