Harman Kardon Onyx Review

Lovely For The Ears and Eyes

Harman Kardon Onyx review

We begin by applauding the visual. Crazy design ideas in wacky shapes and fruity colors is not always a good thing, but with the circular Onyx Harman Kardon has managed to do something new without it feeling the least bit contrived.

The speaker feels very luxurious and the quality feel is phenomenal. The effort to dress up the back in genuine leather feels a little odd considering that you never really get to see it, but it's a nice detail that contributes to the whole visual appeal.

Harman Kardon Onyx

Easy Installation

Harman Kardon Onyx inputs

The touch sensitive controls are located on the rubberized strip that runs around the speaker. Here are buttons for pairing with Bluetooth devices and volume as well as the ability to control the speaker's battery level. The solution is fairly solid, but we had wished for more accuracy in the unruly volume slider.

When we connect the sound source, there are plenty of options. It features Airplay for Apple-thingies, DLNA and Bluetooth with NFC pairing. Should you encounter problems you can find the instructions in the free remote control app.

Impressive Sound

With a price tag of close to 400 dollars (although Amazon has a pretty good deal), one can expect good sound, and that is exactly what you´ll get, even if it doesn´t cause us to drop our jaws. Behind the removable grille cloth sits two mids, two tweeters and dual passive subwoofer for added weight. Onyx is capable of playing loud, but sounds best when kept at a more moderate volume.


The Onyx is stylish enough to stand in its own place among the other design furniture in the living room, and also has a built in battery that lasts 5-8 hours. The frame holding the speaker is made of stainless steel and also works as a carrying handle and moving it between rooms is easy-peasy, but otherwise it does not feel very portable. Nothing you might bring on the trip, that is.


  • Features
  • Specifications

Premium materials with steel and leather
Deep bass from dual passive radiators
Wireless Bluetooth®, DLNA® and AirPlay®
Harman Kardon Remote app compatible
Built-in rechargeable battery with 8 hours play time

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