Canton DM 50 Review

Natural And Full-bodied

Canton DM 50 review

Cantons aluminum remote control feels comfortable in the hand. It has few features but does its job in the simplest way.

The TV is connected via optical cable, and an additional audio source can be connected via coaxial cable or bluetooth. If the two 4-inch woofers isn´t enough, there is an output for an external subwoofer. Frequencies that are deeper than 80 Hz are automatically filtered down to the subwoofer.

Canton DM 50 is easier to use than the Sony HT-XT1 since it has fewer settings. You can fine-tune the bass and treble up or down and choose between stereo and surround.

The sound of the Canton is natural and full-bodied. Music in stereo sound much better than the Sony, especially the bass range is more linear. Treble is slightly withdrawn and may well be raised a notch. Not too much though, because then sibilants may start to sound a bit sharp (hard s- and sch-sound).

The soundstage is more controlled in Canton. Stereo sounds a little narrow, but it works. You can always activate the surround mode that opens up everything, though it sounds a bit weird when you listen to music.

The surround mode works significantly better when watching movies. The soundstage is big and the DM 50 can play very loud in relation to its size. It gives LG a run for its money, and also sounds more powerful than the Sony. At maximum volume level the Canton runs out of breath, but it is still much better than we´d expect. Overall, one of the best sound bars we´ve listened to lately.


  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Bluetooth wireless audio technology.
  • Virtual Surround System
  • 200 Watts of Power
  • Dual 4 Inch Woofers
  • Coaxial and Optical Inputs

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