JBL Clip Review

Teeny Speaker For People On The Go

JBL Clip Review

The sound of the small portable bluetooth speaker, the JBL Clip, is nothing to write home about, but some clever design ideas makes this micro speaker stand out in the crowd.

The Clip is a pretty little thing. With dimensions of 4.2 x 3.4 x 1.6 inches it is made to be easily stowed into a bag. The design also allows another method of transportation. The name Clip comes from the small loop that sits at the top of the speaker. It looks at first glance like a closed design, but tap into its side and it reveals its function: the loop is in fact a carabiner, making sure that the Clip can be attached securely in anything from a bag strap to a handle on the kitchen door.

JBL Clip clip-on carabiner
JBL Clip connectivity

Unimpressive Battery Life

Clip is equipped with Bluetooth for wireless playback, and the connection is functioning correctly. It does also support voice calls, which sounded decent during our test.

However, you are not just limited to the wireless audio playback. Clip also has an integrated cable with a 3.5mm jack. It lets you plug the Clip in to the phone’s headphone jack, for example, and when not used you can wind it around a groove that runs along the speaker, then fasten the connector plug in a hole on the back. A practical and convenient solution.

Other than that, there´s two more connections: a Micro USB port for charging the battery and an input for linking multiple Clips to one another. Charging through a USB port on your computer takes a couple of hours and a fully charged battery will last for up to five hours of playback. It is not very impressive, but understandable since the small size and shape won´t hold a bigger battery.

On the sides you find buttons for Bluetooth, On/Off, calls and volume. More than that is not really needed of course, but we we´re slightly annoyed by the somewhat stiff buttons as they felt a bit unresponsive at times. Be prepared to use a bit more force than you´re used to to control the Clip.

Muddy At High Volumes

Sonically the Clip performs just as expected. The volume can certainly be turned up surprisingly loud, but it's hardly worth it at the highest volumes as the sound becomes muddy with a lot of added background noise.

It´s better to play music at low and medium levels. The bass is understandably weak, and the treble slightly harsh/edgy, but it is hardly surprising considering the conditions. By and large, the sound is quite inoffensive, which may be considered as fully acceptable for the size. The JBL Clip is hardly the first choice for a home party, but all the better for your desktop computer or for music lovers on the go.


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  • Features
  • Specifications
Ultra-compact high-performance audio
The JBL Clip is small in stature but big in sound. With high performance compact driver the Clip can deliver your music as loud and clear as you needed, where ever you take it.

Stream Bluetooth® music and calls wirelessly and accurately
Stream your music or make a phone call – wirelessly – with the Clips built in Bluetooth. Its easy to set up and you can stream wirelessly from any tablet or smartphone.

Ready-to-wear audio with integrated carabiner
With a rugged carabiner designed to hook onto your clothes, your backpack, or messenger bag, the JBL Clip keeps on-the-go pace with however fast you’re going. The rugged make of the Clip also lends itself to resisting wear-and-tear while moving quickly: the portable speaker’s protected by durable material with double injection housing that allows it to land safely and softly – even when it gets tossed into your backpack a little too roughly.

5-hour rechargeable battery life
The Clip’s rechargeable wireless battery lets you play it strong for 5 hours’ straight – so your music can go as long and as far as you do.

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