Bose SoundTrue Review

True Sound Joy?

Bose SoundTrue Review

Headphones with excellent dampening of ambient noise often carry the Bose logo. What happens when they focus on pure sound and reduce outside noise only by using well-sealed ear cups? Well, the SoundTrue - that´s what happens.

The SoundTrue is by no means a pure hi-fi headphone, but rather a high quality headset with an integrated inline remote and microphone. It is primarily intended as an accessory for your smartphone, specifically Apple devices. The design also speaks of its mobile nature; it folds wonderfully flat, and can then be put away in the included carrying case until your next listening session. The cable is detachable for quick and easy replacement if necessary, and also does a good job at keeping itself tangle free.

Bose SoundTrue colors

Comfort in Balance

With a weight of 140 grams, which also happens to be extremely well distributed thanks to the soft headband and its cushion, you almost forget you´re wearing the SoundTrue. Our test model is the over-ear version, so the ear cups surround the ear with a very evenly balanced pressure, so that the headphones stay in place without pressing too hard and uncomfortably on your head and ears. They also come in an on-ear version at a slightly lower price. We advise you to try whichever suits you best, but keep in mind that there are slight differences in the sound character between the two models.

Bose SoundTrue inline remote

Sound Quality

The over-ear model lives up to the name SoundTrue; Unobtrusive, almost imperceptible, it manages to transport me right in the middle of the music. With flying colors, it renders difficult vocal ranges, and uses no snappy tricks to sound crystal clear and dynamic, if needed. And, if a caller then disturbs you at the wrong moment, the SoundTrue is ready with the remote and mic with really good speech intelligibility.


The SoundTrue from Bose shows how completely stress free you can enjoy your on-the-go music. In addition to the exceptional comfort it succeeds by confidently play a whole range of music styles. This is a headphone you will lay aside reluctantly.

  • IN ThE bOX
  • Full, natural sound for all your music
  • Lightweight design, around-ear fit
  • Softly padded headband and memory foam cushions
  • Includes inline mic/remote for use with iPhone® and many popular phones

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